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DSM for Lossiemouth’s new high school

Making workable platforms from poor ground engineering using mass mixing techniques and a bespoke geotechnical design approach for Lossiemouth’s new high school.

Modified fills in residential construction? The answer is yes…

We undertook some data collection recently – the charts below are hopefully self-explanatory A couple of points for context: These are fine-grained fills modified with either lime or lime/cement combinations In sum there’s roughly 750 measurements in the dataset Approximately 1,200 houses have been, or are currently being built, on these fills  

Ground Engineering marvel at Bothwell

Before, during & current shots of Miller Homes / Ground Developments Ltd at Bothwell in Glasgow. A huge amount of ground engineering and really diligent sitework went into unlocking this very challenging site. A complex combination of modified soil for upfill, mass mixing for deep formation improvement & slope stability, reinforced earth, driven piling and […]

Basement raft poured at Exo Dublin

Basement raft poured at Exo Dublin. Temporary retained height (before the raft was poured) was in excess of 7m. Installation of sheet piles and framing system by Trench Control. Sheet piles will remain permanently – fully welded clutches also constructed by Trench Control. Exo Core 2 rising in the background.

Morandi bridge collapse Italy – Epic fail of infrastructure investment?

Tragic Italian bridge collapse points to broader problems in infrastructure asset management Italy’s motorway operator, Atlantia, were delayed to the market opening this morning eventually opening over 21% down on yesterday’s share price. Later in the day trading was suspended on the stock. As we write, 39 people have lost their lives and emergency responders […]

What’s wrong with the Government’s new Construction Sector Deal?

What’s wrong with the Government’s new Construction Sector Deal? As part of HM Government’s Industrial Strategy, a new Construction Sector Deal was quietly published on the 5th July. Just to be clear, this piece isn’t a criticism of the content of the deal by any means. There are excellent proposals here, particularly around apprenticeships, reform […]

Residential Development Nearing Completion in Bearsden

Earthworks are nearing completion at a residential development in Glasgow. These works comprised net upfilling to raise the site above the flood plain in conjunction with soft ground improvement. The improvement works comprised a mix of excavate-improve-replace and in situ soil modification. The reinforced earth wall in the foreground is constructed on improved ground and […]

Becoming a Data Driven Consulting Firm

In an era of ubiquitous technology, are engineers using their data well? At the time of writing, data, or rather the protection thereof, is very topical. Facebook’s share price has fallen a full 12% in the last few days (around 9.5% year-to-date) on the news of an alleged surreptitious data breach which has both British […]

Oldham & Royton Integrated Strategy Project

Mass mixing of an historic sludge lagoon as part of the Oldham & Royton Integrated Strategy (ORIS) project for Black & Veatch. The mixing was to improve the engineering properties of the sludge to get it to a workable condition for removal.

Mass mixing at Aberdeen Harbour

Mass mixing of very soft silt in Aberdeen harbour in support of new silos for Halliburton. Mixed up to 5m depth and achieved working strengths in excess of 3MPa on a very tight site. Super work from the GDL Soil Mixing division.

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