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Effective Cone Penetration Testing Strategies

Introduction The most common question we get asked is why use cone penetration testing (CPT) instead of intrusive investigations? It’s a fair question. The simple answer is that CPT works best as part of a broader geological understanding of the site. In the UK and Ireland, intrusive investigations are predominant – tactile examination of the […]

Project Profile – N21 Culvert Crossing, Limerick

Working to develop the Technical Approval Report on behalf of NRS Group in Ireland, we designed a system of temporary works in order to facilitate a crossing. Click for further details

Just an analyst…?

Why are management roles promoted within the engineering industry rather than analytical ones? Becoming chartered as an engineer to any of the governing engineering councils is no mean trick. Anyone who has done so has earned it, through hard graft and diligence. But the route is fairly clearly defined. Take for example the Institution of […]

Displacement augur piling in Glasgow

Displacement augur piling in Glasgow designed by GES. Less than 1.2mm residual settlement at static load up to 1.5DVL.

Temporary slope stability analytics for regeneration in Glasgow

Temporary slope stability analytics undertaken for a remediation site in Glasgow. Variable matrix of granular and cohesive anthropocene deposits infilled an historic railway cutting in the north of the city.

DSM Temporary works in Humber for the Skanska-Porr-A.Hak JV

DSM (Turbojet) temporary works installation in Humber for a major civil engineering project. The columns perform multiple functions including strength & stiffness improvement for TBM alignment as it approaches the soft eye of the reception shaft and forming a groundwater seal at the soft-eye directly. The columns are secanted to form an improved solid block […]

Growing Chinese influence… ground engineering

Commending the technical excellence of Chinese geotechnical researchers off the back of reading two fantastic papers in this month’s Géotechnique regarding deep cement-mixed clay (1) and defective jet-grouted cut-off walls (2) both of which were prepared with either lead or secondary authors from Wuhan University, we were discussing the anecdotal increase in Chinese authorship in […]

Temporary works progressing for NRS Group

Temporary works progressing for NRS Group down in Barnagh, Limerick – a culvert installation. Carriageway adjacent is supported and remains live during the works @ 17,000 vehicles per day.

Helping out with Trench Control’s bespoke pile installation equipment

We undertook a third party temporary works check on Trench Control’s bespoke excavator-mounted hydraulic piling gate, seen here in action at Montrose Port.

One of the industry’s most innovative sectors delivers again

Two new publications show that the temporary works sector is current, relevant and continuing to innovate OK this blog post is a little bit premature as we haven’t had the time to review the subject documents in detail. We’re referring to two new high-level temporary works publications, one by CIRIA and one from the Temporary […]

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