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One of the industry’s most innovative sectors delivers again

Two new publications show that the temporary works sector is current, relevant and continuing to innovate OK this blog post is a little bit premature as we haven’t had the time to review the subject documents in detail. We’re referring to two new high-level temporary works publications, one by CIRIA and one from the Temporary […]

Hidden Champions: Outsourcing the Right Way

Welcoming the government’s new playbook. The German economy is rightly lauded for its power and sustained levels of stable growth. The manufacturing sector in particular employs over 15% of the workforce. For context, manufacturing in the US accounts for just over 10% of the workforce and, in gross and percentage terms, German manufacturers employ more […]

What’s wrong with the Government’s new Construction Sector Deal?

What’s wrong with the Government’s new Construction Sector Deal? As part of HM Government’s Industrial Strategy, a new Construction Sector Deal was quietly published on the 5th July. Just to be clear, this piece isn’t a criticism of the content of the deal by any means. There are excellent proposals here, particularly around apprenticeships, reform […]

Becoming a Data Driven Consulting Firm

In an era of ubiquitous technology, are engineers using their data well? At the time of writing, data, or rather the protection thereof, is very topical. Facebook’s share price has fallen a full 12% in the last few days (around 9.5% year-to-date) on the news of an alleged surreptitious data breach which has both British […]

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