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Whitburn-based GE Solutions Consulting Ltd (GES) has invested in a state-of-the-art Geomil Panther testing rig to offer cone penetration testing services to the UK & Ireland markets.

GES worked with manufacturer Geomil Equipment B.V. to design its bespoke CPT testing rig equipped with the latest & best piezocone technology, sampling apparatus and an innovative plate load testing facility all wrapped up in a new tracked crawler.

Ed Smit, head of sales at Geomil, said: “We’re very pleased to work with GES in designing, constructing & delivering their new CPT equipment and look forward to working with them into the future supporting their innovative approach to marrying CPT capabilities and geotechnical design.”

Anthony O’Brien, chief engineer at GES, added: “Our entry into the CPT space towards the end of last year was a huge financial commitment but driven primarily by our own need for refining geotechnical designs and we were finding the availability/lead-in of CPT rigs to be problematic, particularly to Scotland and the North of England.

Based at our Whitburn HQ in Scotland, we’re perfectly located to serve the Scottish & Northern England markets in particular. We’re really excited about this new business avenue and the opportunity to really add value for customers.”

On the service offering, Mr O’Brien added: “Instead of handing back factual data and rudimentary interpretations, the geotechnical team at GES have the expertise to prepare bespoke interpretations, detailed design information, specialist statistical/graphical output or other data visualisations to suit our customer’s particular needs. This offers a more rounded service that also fits well with our laboratory capabilities which can provide further testing data as needed – we’ve dubbed this ‘Practical Consulting’.

“The best approach is to engage us early in the project to contribute to the design concept as this will allow us to tailor a CPT testing campaign to establish the data needed to prepare designs. Our core abilities to assess stability, bearing capacity, settlement, ground improvement, earthworks and other geotechnical aspects intrinsically makes our CPT testing offering very powerful.”

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