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Push-in inclinometer and geotechnical monitoring capability

Our push-in inclinometer capability is a very powerful geotechnical mointoring tool in the right soil conditions. Suitable for materials that are cohesive and/or granular with some fines content with strengths up to firm / medium-strength / medium dense, our push-in inclinometer casing, installed using CPT technology have a number of significant advantages over traditional borehole installations:

  1. Very fast installation – a 10m installation can be completed in less than 4 hours
  2. Direct CPT trace in advance of the casing giving a data-rich field test right on the casing position (the CPT trace is used as a pilot hole for the casing installation)
  3. Sampling can be provided on the casing position
  4. Very responsive  when compared to traditional borehole / grouted installations because the casing is in direct contact with the soil and there is no stiffening effect from the grout annulus
  5. Depths up to 50m can be achieved in the right soil conditions

Our engineers undertake the monitoring supplemented with in-house capability to interpret and advise on the data as it is acquired. As with all of our services, we endeavour to leverage all our capabilities to provide more complete solutions. We will frequently specify ground movement assessments in the course of our consulting work and in the delivery of geotechnical design solutions.

This monitoring technology has applications in the following typical scenarios:

  • Slope / landslip monitoring
  • Design verification efforts
  • Lateral ground movement assessments for:
    • tunnelling / UTX
    • pipe-jacking
    • piling
    • retaining walls

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