Ground Engineering Solutions

Cone Penetration Testing Service Launch

It was a long process and a big risk to take in 2020 but we’ve done it! Our new cone penetration testing rig has been just commissioned and is off to its first commercial project next week.

We worked with Geomil Equipment B.V. to design our bespoke new CPT testing rig, equipped with the latest & best piezocone technology, sampling apparatus and an innovative plate load testing facility all wrapped up in a shiny new Panther tracked crawler.

As part of our ethos, we want to position ourselves as a leading CPT contractor by offering practical geotechnical research services. By adding this advanced ground investigation capability, it is exactly where we want to see the industry going. Offering that committed and accountable consulting that the industry is sadly missing by being able to specify, collect and be responsible for geotechnical data and latterly produce designs from it.

We are incredibly excited to offer this to the UK market and provide our customers with more reliability, data and certainty. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your site and the potential of CPT testing to inform your thinking and provide consistency and certainty. Let’s get probing!

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