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cone penetration testing

Push-in inclinometer and geotechnical monitoring capability


Our push-in inclinometer capability is a very powerful geotechnical mointoring tool in the right soil conditions. Suitable for materials that are cohesive and/or granular with some fines content with strengths up to firm / medium-strength / medium dense, our push-in inclinometer casing, installed using CPT technology have a number of significant advantages over traditional borehole […]

August 2021 – Cone Penetration Testing Update


A busy second quarter at GES has seen us complete over a dozen projects ranging from routine field testing to inform major UK consultants to bespoke investigations with substantive follow-on design involvement covering the fields of ground improvement & soil mixing, slope stability and traditional bearing capacity assessment. Again, the ability to collect high-quality geotechnical […]

April 2021 – Cone Penetration Testing Update


The first quarter has been incredibly busy at GES for CPT testing. We’ve been working continuously on a series of CPT-consulting operations ranging from a detailed plot-by-plot foundation zoning plan for one of Britain’s biggest housebuilders to verification of deep soil mixing work (which we hope to write up in a technical paper) and culminating […]

Scottish Construction Now coverage


Whitburn-based GE Solutions Consulting Ltd (GES) has invested in a state-of-the-art Geomil Panther testing rig to offer cone penetration testing services to the UK & Ireland markets. GES worked with manufacturer Geomil Equipment B.V. to design its bespoke CPT testing rig equipped with the latest & best piezocone technology, sampling apparatus and an innovative plate load testing facility all wrapped […]

Cone Penetration Testing Service Launch


It was a long process and a big risk to take in 2020 but we’ve done it! Our new cone penetration testing rig has been just commissioned and is off to its first commercial project next week. We worked with Geomil Equipment B.V. to design our bespoke new CPT testing rig, equipped with the latest […]

Basement raft poured at Exo Dublin


Basement raft poured at Exo Dublin. Temporary retained height (before the raft was poured) was in excess of 7m. Installation of sheet piles and framing system by Trench Control. Sheet piles will remain permanently – fully welded clutches also constructed by Trench Control. Exo Core 2 rising in the background.

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