August 2021 – Cone Penetration Testing Update

A busy second quarter at GES has seen us complete over a dozen projects ranging from routine field testing to inform major UK consultants to bespoke investigations with substantive follow-on design involvement covering the fields of ground improvement & soil mixing, slope stability and traditional bearing capacity assessment. Again, the ability to collect high-quality geotechnical data and undertake high-quality geotechnical design work has shone through as being a very powerful offering to the industry.

Enjoying some much needed better weather, hometown heroes Greg & Neil returned to Stirling for a detailed study of the Carse Clay to inform a sizeable local development. We undertook a post-construction study of vibro stone column installations as far south as Colchester and we undertook a detailed study of a soil mixing project which will form the basis of Ian and Anthony’s technical paper for the CPT ‘22 conference in Bologna next year (as promised in our last quarterly update).

New recruit Rory Saunders – fresh from Heriott-Watt University – is picking up a geotechnical engineering apprenticeship like no other. He’s been undertaking inclinometer surveys, verifying ground improvement installations, doing some laboratory work, visiting a series of specialist earthworks sites and, this week, will undergo training as CPT second operator under Greg & Neil’s tutelage building up his both his practical and technical experience.

Investments this quarter in new push-in inclinometer capabilities (scope, execution and on-going monitoring), a trove of new 10cm2 cones and other stock including a full-flow (ball) penetrometer for investigation of very soft sensitive soils – again, providing solutions for our customers on multiple fronts.

Deepest probe this quarter: 30.15m in Bishopton.

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Project profile – August 2021 CPT update

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